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assay of bacterial and viral genomes
Head of the group: PhD (biology) D.A. Gryadunov
  1. Identification of mutations resulting in drug resistance in M. tuberculosis
    • against rifampicin and isoniazid: the drugs which are most effective against M. tuberculosis infection. Test-system TB-BIOCHIP®
    • against other drugs (fluoroquinolones). Test-system TB-BIOCHIP-2®
    • genotyping of bacteria of M. tuberculosis complex
    • genetic differentiation of mycobacteria
  2. Detection of the main viral transfusion-transmitted infections (HIV, hepatitis B and C) ("SI-Biochip")
  3. Identification of genotype and subtype of hepatitis C virus
  4. Differentiation of Orthopox- and Herpesviruses
  5. Detection of causative agents (viruses) of neonatal infections
  6. Identification of influenza A virus subtypes
  7. Analysis of drug-resistance of HIV
  8. Detection of causative agents of extremely dangerous infections
development of methods for nucleic acids analysis (hybridization, PCR, RCA, cartridge for DNA isolation)
assay of bacterial and viral genomes
human genome analysis
ligand- and protein-DNA binding
biochips for proteomic studies
fluorescent labeling of oligonucleotides
synthesis of oligonucleotides
development of Hard- and Software-based Complexes for the analysis of biological microchips (Fluorescent Biochip-analyzers)
simultaneous quantitative immunoassay of several antigens, biotoxins, etc.
mass spectrometry
development of biochip manufacturing technology
creation of pilot-scale production of biochips and biochip-based test-systems