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data processing and software

The processing and analysis of data obtained with microchips is performed with packages of programs ImaGel Research and ImaGel ImageWare.

The program ImaGel Research provides the user the most highly developed service for quantification, processing and visualization of experimental data. It is especially suitable for laboratory investigations.

ImageWare is the main program for the end-users interested in the final data and serves as a software for nearly all diagnostic test-systems.


The program ImaGel serves for registration, visualization, processing, and saving data obtained with CCD- or video camera.

The basic version of ImaGel allows to work with the following equipment:

  • CCD-camera of firm Roper Scientific, www.roperscientific.com, through the library Pvcam32.dll;
  • CCD-camera of "Deltatech", Ltd., http://www.deltatekh.ru;
  • CCD- camera of 'Videoscan', Ltd., http://www.videoscan.ru;
  • positioner Motion Controller, Model MM2000 (MM3000) фирмы Newport, http://www.newport.com;
  • thermocontroller LFI-3500 of firm Wavelength Electronics, Inc, http://www.wavelengthelectronics.com;
  • switching optical filters.

The package ImaGel consisits of programs: ImaGel Kinetics and Calibration Curves.

ImaGel Kinetics serves for modeling and processing kinetic curves obtained in the experiments on the surface and gel-based microchips.

Calibration Curves serves for fitting parameters of experimental curves by formulae given by the user. The setting of initial parameters at fitting is not needed.

ImaGel ImageWare

The program serves for the complete cycle of obtaining and processing of data:

  • obtaining of microchip image with CCD-camera;
  • automatic overlaying of grid on obtained image;
  • calculation of signals corresponding to different gel pads on microchip;
  • analysis of signals for different gel pads;
  • showing data summary.


This program builds-up calibration curves for six oncomarkers on the basis of experimental data and allows to calculate the concentrations PSA (prostate cancer antigen) total, PSA free, NSF (small cell lung cancer), HCG (lung cancer, urogenital system cancer), AFP (liver cancer), and CEA (gastrointestinal cancer) in the analyzed assay of blood serum.

ImaGel QualityControl

The program serves for analysis of data reproducibility and/or for analysis data biases at varying experimental conditions.

It allows conveniently comparing, e.g., the microchips from the different sets or the experiments with different dyes.

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